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The Burning Issues of Now


Now that the same-sex marriage postal vote is done and dusted, what's next for Australia? What are the priorities for the public and for public policy? Religious freedom? Refugees? Aboriginal Recognition? Or something else?

Gabrielle Chan, Dan Bourchier, Siv Parker

Gabrielle Chan, Dan Bourchier, Siv Parker


Led by participating chair Gabrielle Chan (Guardian Australia) our panel of expert observers will interrogate the national zeitgeist to find out what's next for Australia and why. 

Tickets: $15 (includes a complimentary glass of wine or a soft drink on arrival)


Gabrielle Chan has been a journalist for more than 30 years, and a political journalist and politics live blogger at Guardian Australia since 2013. Prior to that, she worked at The Australian, ABC radio, the Daily Telegraph, in local newspapers and politics. Gabrielle has written and edited history books and biographies. Gabrielle is currently writing about the view of politics from the back blocks of a small town and the front stalls of the federal press gallery.

Siv Parker is a writer and Yuwallaraay (you-al-are-rye-ayy) person from the black soil river-country of far north-west New South Wales.Siv’s first book, nearing completion, is a memoir of 50 years of being black in Australia. The work is book-ended by the 1967 Referendum (Constitution Alteration [Aboriginals] 1967), and Siv being an observer at the 2017 Uluru National Indigenous Constitutional Convention – ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’.

Dan Bourchier is a cross-media reporter, presenter, and broadcaster, who has spent almost 20 years as a media professional. From a start in a small regional weekly newspaper in Tennant Creek, to breaking stories about the lives of Indigenous Australians, to covering international politics in Indonesia, Timor Leste, and Switzerland, to domestic politics in federal parliament, to hosting his own local radio program, while also anchoring a major television news bulletin.