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Mad Hatters and March Hares: New stories of Alice in Wonderland

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“Alice” has been read, enjoyed, and savored by generations of children and adults since first publication. It’s hallucinogenic, weird, imaginative and full of word play, mathematic puzzles, and political and social satire.

Commissioning editor Ellen Datlow and authors Angela Slatter and Kaaron Warren talk about the dark side of Alice in Wonderland and what lies beneath the stories in Datlow’s new anthology.

In association with Conflux

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Tickets: $12 (includes a glass of house wine or soft drink)

Kaaron Warren is a Canberra-based award-winning author who writes ghost stories for grown ups. She has published over 100 short stories, and has around nine books to her name. 

Angela Slatter is an award-winning Australian author whose urban fantasy novels include Vigil and Corpselight.

Ellen Datlow has been editing award-winning science fiction, fantasy and horror short fiction for over thirty-five years, for publications such as OMNI MagazineEvent HorizonSCIFICTION, and