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Rebecca Huntley - Still Lucky

Venturing into the lounge rooms of the nation, social researcher Rebecca Huntley explores the big questions facing Australia now: Why do we fear asylum seekers? Why are women still underpaid and overworked? Why do we over-parent? Why do we worry even though we are lucky?

At the beginning of what is set to be a huge political year in both Australia and overseas, it’s worth stepping back, breaking through the noise, and really looking at the social change most Australians are crying for and what our future might hold. 

Join Rebecca in conversation with AFR political editor Laura Tingle.

Tickets: $10 (includes a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink)


Donald Horne coined the term Lucky Country in 1964 as a critique of national complacency and hubris. Australia, he argued, had inherited rather than earned its prosperity. Half a century later, Huntley — aware of the term’s baggage — uses it as an endearment rather than an indictment, although the Australia she entreats us to see is still lucky by virtue of good hearts, as opposed to complacent good fortune. Driven by fear, and led from behind, the question of whether (and how) the nation can stay lucky seems more pressing.

—The Australian

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