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Peter Mares – Not Quite Australian

Permanent migration has long been vital to the story of Australia and today, there are more than one million temporary migrants living in Australia. They work, pay tax and abide by our laws, yet they remain unrecognised as citizens. All the while, this rise in temporary migration is redefining Australian society, from wage wars and healthcare benefits, to broader ideas of national identity and cultural diversity.

In Not Quite Australian, award-winning journalist Peter Mares draws on case studies, interviews and personal stories to investigate the complex realities of this new era of temporary migration.

Mares will discuss his insight and ideas for understanding Australia’s growing culture of temporary migration, including  the internationalisation of Australia’s education system and our highly politicised asylum-seeker policies with author and ANU associate professor of history, Frank Bongiorno.

Peter Mares is an independent writer and researcher, who has written about migration for many media outlets including The Age, The Australian Financial Review and Griffith Review. He was a broadcaster with the ABC for twenty-five years and is the author of Borderline: Australia’s Response to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Wake of the Tampa.