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Fact into Fiction: Eleanor Limprecht & David Dyer

What does the novelist bring to the historical record? What light can they shed on the past? And what responsibilities do they owe to the people whose lives make up the matter of their work?

Set in Sydney in the first decade of the 1900s, Eleanor Limprecht's Long Bay is based on the true case of Rebecca Sinclair - a young female abortionist who was convicted of manslaughter and served out her sentence in the newly opened Long Bay Women’s Reformatory – the first of its kind in Australia. 

David Dyer's debut novel The Midnight Watch is based on the true story of the SS Californian, the ship that saw the Titanic's distress rockets and yet, unfathomably, did nothing. The Midnight Watch is at once a heart-stopping mystery and a deeply knowing novel about the frailty of men, the strength of women, the capriciousness of fate and the price of loyalty.

Join Eleanor and David as they attempt to unravel the knotty relationship between fiction and historical fact.

TICKETS: $10 (includes a glass of wine or soft drink)