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Mark Dapin - R&R

'Forget whatever film you've seen or book you've ever read about Vietnam because Mark Dapin's R&R will blow your mind away.' 

 John 'Nashville' Grant is an American military policeman in the R&R town of Vung Tau, tucked safely behind the front lines of the Vietnam War. Nashville knows how everything works: the army, the enemy, bars, secrets, men and women. He's keeping the peace by keeping his head down and making the most of it.

His new partner is a tall man from a small town: Shorty, from Bendigo. Shorty knows nothing about anything, and he wishes people would stop mistaking that for stupidity.

When another MP shoots a corpse in a brothel, the delicate balance between the military police, South Vietnamese gangsters and the Viet Cong is upset and Nashville and his partner are drawn into the heart of the matter.

Described by Christos Tsiolkas as a ‘true original’, Mark Dapin stops by for an 'in conversation' event with novelist and journalist Paul Daley.

TICKETS: $10 (includes a glass of wine or soft drink)